What Was I Not Thinking?

The mind created insurance and the soul creates dreams.  If you accept that thoughts fuel doing and being is somehow a different choice, then keep veering off the well-worn paths. It’s required for finding the way back into the soul and to continue to discover its proper care and feeding.

A recent run of studio work had me wanting to see inside of things. I wanted to see where the conventional meaning ends and the unthinkable begins.  Judgment, comparison, identity and opinions –– this wonderful soup that we dive into with all of our clothes on is the kiss of death to creativity, to seeing inside.  Anyone knows that.  How to get beyond this soup?  How do we get past this stuff so that we are free to create something new to us?

I’ve always been interested in ritual.  Maybe it dates back to learning to dance and ride horses as a child.  A focus on something so real as how to make my body bend and move to the shape of music or another creature takes so much focus and letting go, that there is no room for thinking, worrying, even remembering.  Once you’ve taken on an expression and are in the middle of it, the “yes or no” signals are there but the mind has succumbed.  The deeper these layers of being become, the harder it is for the mind to penetrate.  In regular practice, the mind definitely needs some major signals to succumb and rest.

This is where creation comes into play.  Rituals can be rote or they can be innocently random.  Either way they need to be created and recreated to maintain authenticity and believability to the craftiest of minds.  I have one of those, and I bet you do too. 

So, I create sacred space to work in.  I recite an ancient prayer to the Heaven and Earth and the Four Winds calling in a full round of assistance, speaking my deep gratitude for help in remembering my origins, letting go of the thoughts that hold me and welcoming in the dream of my life.  It’s invigorating giving me and my work space a reality reset.  A lit candle and, of course, holding space for what you believe in with every inch of yourself, otherwise known as a prayer, this all helps to maintain it and, of course, soon your work begins to embody it. To fully bring my soul’s journey into the picture, I need to be grateful.

Then, the process of kicking all of those naysayers in my head out of the studio is pretty much already done.  They’re gone.  I’m already in the wilderness and the rest is a constant adaptation to what happens next.  We’ll talk about that part some other time. But, what about when “those folks that live in our mind” show up?  Look at them in the light of all of this space you’ve created and ask yourself if you really care anymore.